Meridian Blue

Meridian Blue Solutions

Growing Your Business One Solution At A Time

We analyze- then optimize- your business functions with customized solutions to increase profitability.

Vendor Management

We conduct on-going review of vendor agreements and associated costs to ensure terms and fees remain favorable to the business owner.

Vendor Benefit Analysis vs. Cost

We review multiple vendor agreements and make recommendations to create efficient, time saving processes and cost savings.

Payroll Consulting

We evaluate current payroll processes and make recommendations to address existing challenges, service improvement, technology updates and cost optimizations, as well as assisting with current and new vendors.

Sales Consulting & Training

We implement sales training, recruiting and compensation policies, and recommend strategies/processes to support growth in your development of new business. Customized training is available.

Electronic Payment Consulting

We analyze current and future payment acceptance approaches and assist in strategy with current/new electronic payment providers to ensure optimal technology, pricing, and services... and in many cases all three.

Leadership Consulting

Rather than a canned, one-size-size-fits-all solution, we provide an approach recognizing that each business has its own unique personality and challenges, requiring a simple, insightful customized solution.

About The Partners

You need solutions, guidance, stability and creativity from professionals who understand your business challenges and are invested in your potential.

Crafting comprehensive and creative solutions for your growth and prosperity is what the team at Meridian Blue does and loves. From a wide network of valuable resources, years of demonstrated expertise, a history of successful implementations and a bold approach to timely, creative solutions, you’ll be glad you invested the time having the conversation that will your business meet its potential.

Adam Belcher

Meet Adam.

Adam is a proven expert, leader and trusted consultant with over a decade of industry experience, specifically in the arenas of payments technology, payroll + HR, human capital management, team management and sales training. With thousands of contract reviews and negotiations under his belt, Adam can help your business identify and root out waste.

Having led a nationally recognized team of sales and leadership professionals through his customizable approach to sales strategies and networking, he trained teams on his system of how to identify and apply the right solutions to the right needs of the client in focus. A demonstrated philosophy of respect for all and a commitment to addressing each client’s unique needs and challenges makes him a valuable collaborator for your team.

To have a customized review of your business solutions, contact or 850-597-2333.

Suzanne Martin

Meet Suzanne.

Suzanne has built her reputation as the expert to turn to not only fit the pieces together, but to expand the picture from the current challenge to the vista of ‘what’s possible’. With a strong background of over 22 years, she is a sought-after leader in planning, direction and coordination at a C-Suite level, as well as on-the-ground relationship and capacity building, relied on to ensure an organization is profitable, sustainable, and positioned to take advantage of big opportunities.

She’s skilled in negotiation, budgeting, business planning, near and long-range financial and talent development, operations management, training, coaching and analytical assessment. She served as Florida Technology Teacher of the Year in the late 90’s, mid and executive leadership positions with the State of Florida, and then as Vice President of Sales and Vice President of Operations at Fortune 500 companies and a Leadership consultant and trainer to a foreign government.

With Suzanne’s ability to leverage her skill, experience, contacts and creative approach to support your goals and grow and enhance your business and reach, you’ll benefit from her working by your side to identify and remedy today’s pain points and expand tomorrow’s landscape.

To see what tools and skills she can use to progress your business, contact or 850-445-2844.